2017 Summer’s Hot Exercise Trend

One of the latest exercise trends is HIIT. HIIT combines high intensity interval training with periods of rest. The reason this type of work out is the latest exercise trend is its ability to burn calories so rapidly.

People are always looking to get fit especially around summer, and 2017 is no exception to the rule. This type of work out is time friendly as it only really requires 25 to 30 minutes to be effective. Busy millennials will appreciate this type of time saving endeavor. Now more than ever, people have to focus on their careers and create a job market for themselves. They have to justify the money they make, and the energy they exert is calculated.

One example of the type of interval that we’re talking about is 50 seconds of squats followed by a 20 second resting period. Then move onto the plank for 50 seconds followed by rest. And well, you get the idea.